Service Agreement 2024

Service Definitions

  • Face to Face Interpreting –  Interpreters arrive onsite at requested location to provide interpreting services
  • Virtual Interpreting – Interpreters are arranged in advance to provide interpreting service remotely via Zoom, Telehealth, Webex, or any other video conferencing platform. Please not this is not the same service as On-demand VRI Interpreting. Virtual rates are charged when interpreter is requested and scheduled in advance
  • On-Demand Interpreting – This option works via video or audio  only and is commonly refered to as VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) or OPI (Over the Phone Interpreting) and can be accessed through any computer, laptop, or mobile smart device (Apple or Android). It also works via any standard telephone (audio only, no video). Customers log or dial in, select language, and are routed instantly to an interpreter in that language. Interpreter provides service remotely.  This is different than virtual interpreting as interpreters are not booked in advance.
  • Document Translation – The translation of written material between English and another language.
  • Communications Access Real-Time Translation (CART) –  Streaming live captions of spoken text which can be displayed on computer, tablet, phone, or large audience screen.  SLUSA’s transciption service falls under the CART umbrella as a written record of previously spoken meetings.

Rate Policies –

Face to Face and Virtual Interpreting:

  • All requests for face to face billed at 2 hour minimum. All requests for virtual are billed at 1 hour minimum
  • Mileage or travel fees may be assessed based on location and availability of interpreter. SLUSA does not bill mileage or travel fees in most cases however it may be required if no interpreter in the requested language physically resides within reasonable distance of service location.
  • Parking or additional fees interpreters face upon arrival will be invoiced (not including parking meters).
  • Service request must be cancelled with at least 24 hours notice before the start time to avoid billing for full requested time or minimum charge (whichever is greater).
  • Federal holidays are billed at time and 1/2

On Demand VRI and OPI Interpreting:

  • Each call is charged at a minimum of 5 minutes.  All remaining time after the first 5 minutes is charged at exact call time (no rounding up)
  • Billing starts when interpreer is connected
  • Toll free number can be assigned for an additional $0.02 per minute
  • 24 hour customer support at no charge
  • Training via group or one on one provided to your team at no charge.

Document Translation:

  • Rush requests are those with the requirement of completion within 24 hours.  Translations completed within 24 hours but were not marked as reuqired are billed at the general rate (not the rush rate).
  • Postage will be billed for certified copies
  • Rates are per word in the expanse language
  • There is a $25 minimum charge per translation project
  • 1 hour minimum charge for desktop publishing
  • Proofreading provided at half the rate per word.
  • You will be provided a quote for approval for all translation projects before we begin work.


Service Pricing 


 Agreement – Misc 

  • The Registry of Interpretesr for the Deaf has established Occupational Health and Safety standards for ASL interpreters which consists of guidlines requireing a team of interpreters for certain complex jobs, longer jobs, jobs where multiple participants will be speaking, etc.  Our Director will evaluate every request for ASL to determine the number of interpreters so that SLUSA maintains compliance and protects its team from repetitive motion injury and the community from message degridation.
  • SLUSA shall maintin a file for each of its personnel containing a copy of valid registration or certification, as applicable, documents of special education and training including OSHA infection control, fire safety, universal precations related to the exposure of bodily fluids, age specific clinical competency file where appropriate, current health clearance including (but not limited to) annual TB test, Flu shot, and various immunizations.  SLUSA will run a national criminal background check on every interpreter as well as 12 panel illegal substance/drug testing.  Marijuana is legal in many states and is not considered as an illegal substance in SLUSA’s drug testing unless a customer specifically requests it.
  • SLUSA carries liability, workers compensation, Professional Errors and Omissions, and Cyber Insurance policies.  Exact amounts and limits can be provided.
  • SLUSA shall remain HIPAA compliant.  Supporting documents regaridng HIPAA compliance of all SLUSA interpreters and electronic systems and communications can be provided.
  • Payment is due within 30 days of invoice receipt.  Credit cards may be kept on file as backup or automatic payment. Accounts with invoices unpaid after 30 days are subject to suspension.
  • Pricing is guaranteed for a period of 2 years. After initial 2 year period, pricing may increase to accomodate current cost of living and inflation.

Please Have the Following Information Completed by an Authorized Purchaser for You Organization.

Please note all invoices will be sent to the main contact unless there is a separate billing contact.
Invoices are sent on the 1st and 16th of every month and include charges for any services we provided to your organization in the previous 2 weeks.